Posted by: A. C. Cockerill | July 25, 2011

Factoid #12: Cosmic Strings

Factoid #12:

Cosmic strings are hypothetical, heavy objects that may have formed when the universe was young. With lengths that potentially span the universe and diameters much smaller than an atom, these strings resemble the boundaries between grains in a crystal or in ice. Cosmic strings are a fresh alternative to black holes and wormholes for time travel in science fiction.


  1. Ok Ashley, I’m not too up with this sort of stuff. I gather by your comment that cosmic strings link different times together? Do they connect other things?

    • Hi Donna, In this theory, two cosmic strings and the gravitational field around them are required for time travel. If these two strings are moving toward each other at almost the speed of light, you could travel around them very fast to go back in time. The tricky part is finding these two cosmic strings. 🙂 (Reference – Dr. J. Richard Gott, III, 1991) Cheers, Ashley

  2. You’ve captured my interest. I like anything to do with wormholes or time travel. I wonder why I haven’t heard of them before.

    • Hi Jolyse, “Star Trek – Next Generation” has used cosmic strings, but I haven’t seen them used anywhere else. They are hypothetical, so even scientists are relunctant to discuss them, boldly. Most of the time-travel stories I’ve read used magic instead of science. It’s easier to control and explain. Have you found any science-based, time-travel romances? Please share. Cheers, Ashley

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