Posted by: A. C. Cockerill | July 29, 2011

Book Recommendation: Romance – Diana Gabaldon

Fiction or Nonfiction:  Fiction

Type:  Scottish time-travel romance

Author: Diana Gabaldon

Title:  “Outlander”

Why:  “Outlander” has one of the great romantic heroes, Jamie Fraser. This is the first novel in this series.

Recommended for Book Clubs:  An absolute must-read!



  1. I love Outlander. Have you read the latest book in the series? An Echo in the Bone? That’s the only one I haven’t read. Boy, am I a dork.

    • Hi Catie, I’m also a big fan of the series. You may want to wait on the most recent book until the next book comes out. The ending created quite a stir. Diana takes about 2-3 years to write her books. So, we have a bit of a wait. In the meantime, she has a blog that I’m starting to follow, . Cheers, Ashley

  2. I love Outlander. I’m currently in the middle of book 5. Another excellent suggestion.
    And I guess I’m a dork too, Catie.

    • Hi Sandy, You and Catie are the smart ones reading this series at the right pace. Those who go straight from the last book into the story Diana is writing now will be glad they did. Cheers, Ashley

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