Posted by: A. C. Cockerill | August 13, 2011

Offblog #1: Traditional v.s. Nolan

Offblog #1:

Several readers have asked questions offblog about the differences between the traditional model and the Nolan chart model (see 5 Interesting Websites to Explore for August 12, 2011). I hope this summary of the political definitions helps.

Traditional model:  Liberals (left-wing) – Centrists – Conservatives (right-wing)

Note: This model does not include Libertarians or Totalitarians

Nolan chart model:

Libertarians:  fewer personal regulations + fewer economic regulations

Liberals:  fewer personal regulations + more economic regulations

Conservatives:  more personal regulations + fewer economic regulations

Centrists:  moderate personal regulations + moderate economic regulations

Totalitarians:  more personal regulations + more economic regulations


  1. Interesting delineations. It was easy to place myself on this chart. (I won’t tell where because my personal politics are not relevant.) Thanks for sharing.

    • You’re very welcome, Julie. This short-bite blog topic was strictly for information–the two models–and for fun. I don’t plan to share my personal political views on this website either. Cheers, Ashley

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