Posted by: A. C. Cockerill | August 20, 2011

Factoid #14: Quantum Dots

Factoid #14:

Quantum dots, also called artificial atoms, are nanoparticles whose size can be selected. Large quantum dots emit red light. Smaller dots emit toward the blue end of the spectrum. Adding an electron to a quantum dot can alter its properties a lot, since the dot is so small. Applications for quantum dots include solar cells, medical sensors, light-emitting diodes, and quantum computation.



  1. Thank you for the technology tid-bits! I’m writing a story that depends heavily on nanotechnology so your factoids are perfect.

    • Hi Dianna,

      You’re very welcome. If you have any questions regarding using nanotechnology in your stories, I’d be happy to address them here on this blog. That way, others can participate, too.

      Tip: If you do use nanotechnology as part of the villain’s attack, be sure to also use nanotechnology as part of the hero/heroine’s solution. That will make for fresher writing, avoiding an overused cliche.

      Cheers, Ashley

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