Posted by: A. C. Cockerill | February 13, 2012

Question of the Week #6: Culture

Question of the Week #6:

We often hear that “power corrupts” and “absolute power corrupts absolutely”. How does power corrupt?

Hint: What role does arrogance play in this process?



  1. Power corrupts by putting someone in a position to take unfair advantage of a person who can’t retaliate or defend himself.

    • Hi David, You’re right, of course, but what is the process of corruption that happens inside an individual? I’m thinking that there’s a series of steps, a slow descent into corruption within the mind, a process that begins with arrogance. What are your thoughts on this? Cheers, Ashley

  2. Arrogance is the cornerstone of this corruption, i think. Thx for the thought provoking post

    • Thank you very much, Louise. Based on your extensive experience, how do you believe arrogance functions as the cornerstone? Cheers, Ashley

  3. Arrogance leads someone to believe power is theirs by right, and not a privilege to be handled with care. Once they begin to believe their own press, they lose many of the filters that convince us to act with civility.

    • Thank you so much, Mona. I really like the way you captured this point, especially the part about “believing their own press”. Cheers, Ashley

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