Posted by: A. C. Cockerill | June 26, 2012

Easy Recipe: Meat (or Mashed Beans) Croquettes

My motto used to be “If it didn’t get done in the microwave, it didn’t get done.” I’ve since learned to use my electric oven and its four-burner cooktop. But …

Easy Recipe:  Meat (or Mashed Beans) Croquettes

Step 1   Thoroughly mix 8 oz. of ground meat (or mashed beans) with 1 t onion powder, 1/2 T minced celery, 1/4 t salt, a dusting of nutmeg, 4 oz. milk (or soy milk), and 3/4 T flour. Chill for half an hour.

Step 2   Mold the mixture into one-inch diameter meatballs then flatten into thin patties. Dip each patty into beaten egg, coat completely with breadcrumbs, and fry in 1 T butter plus 1 T canola oil. Drain on paper towels and serve warm with aioli or the dipping sauce of your choice.


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