Posted by: A. C. Cockerill | September 28, 2012

Easy Recipe: Throw-the-Bottle-Away Salad Dressing

My motto used to be “If it didn’t get done in the microwave, it didn’t get done.” I’ve since learned to use my electric oven and its four-burner cooktop. But …

Easy Recipe: Throw-the-Bottle-Away Salad Dressing

Step 1   Whisk together until smooth 2T vinegar of choice, 3-5T oil of choice, a dash of salt, a dash of pepper, 1-2T dried herbs and spices, 1-2t of dry or Dijon mustard (optional), 1T of agave nectar or honey (optional), 1T of creamy stuff (optional), and 1T of grated cheese of choice (optional). Pour over your salad. Be sure to play with the seasonings and optionals.

Note:  Creamy stuff can be yogurt, sour cream, buttermilk, milk, or mayonnaise. I usually use yogurt or 2 percent milk.

Note:  For a more vinegary salad dressing, use 3T of oil. For a smoother dressing, use 5T of oil. I usually use olive oil, but infused oils would be lovely here.



  1. my kind of recipe

    • Be sure to play with the optionals, Louise. 🙂 I haven’t bought bottled salad dressing for over a month. Cheers, Ashley

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