Posted by: A. C. Cockerill | February 18, 2013

Question of the Week #11 – 2013: Government

Question of the Week #11 – 2013: Government

Who was the second president of the U. S. A., and which years did he serve the people?

My two cents (but please share yours):

Hint: He played a key role in the writing of the Declaration of Independence.


  1. Adams, John. I keep wanting to say Jefferson but he came along later. That era spawned a wealth of brilliant citizens

    • You’re right, Mona. John Adams was our second president, and he served from March 4, 1797 – March 4, 1801. Cheers, Ashley

  2. Adams was the first of three Presidents whose sons also became President. Obviously, George H W Bush was the third. Do you know who the second one was, Ashley?

    • Hi David, I was going to guess William H. Harrison, but I think Benjamin Harrison was his grandson, not his son. Cheers, Ashley

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