Posted by: A. C. Cockerill | May 1, 2013

Question of the Week #24 – 2013: Culture

Question of the Week #24 – 2013: Culture

Do you draw energy from being around people, from being alone, or both?

My two cents (but please share yours):

Both. I’m a hybrid. After a long period of writing, time with friends is essential. After a busy social life, solitude is refreshing.



  1. I spend the majority of my time at home, writing and reading, but live with my husband and two children. So I take the solitude when I can and drink it up like I’m stranded in the desert.

    • Sounds like a well-balanced home, Patti. Cheers, Ashley

  2. My husband is a social butterfly and me–not so much. I definitely need down time after being with people too long (family excluded, of course…most the time, anyway :)) Otherwise, my eyes turn red, my head starts spinning, and I start chanting “lee-eeave.”

    • Too funny, CJ. Love your comment! Cheers, Ashley

  3. Like you, Ashley, I need both.

    • Hi again, David. Hope you’re keeping warm and dry on this blustery, isn’t-it-supposed-to-be-May day. Cheers, Ashley

  4. Hello. Great question. I am an Extrovert. I recharge my batteries with people. But, after years of working virtual, and living with an extreme Introvert, I find that I also need the quiet time. Like you I am a hybrid. Looking at your profile pic, you might like my other blog That is my quiet place. – Lorian

    • Thank you, Lorian. I’ll check out your link when I’m back on my laptop, hopefully tomorrow. Today’s a computer-free handwriting day. (Phones don’t count. :-)) Cheers, Ashley

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