Posted by: A. C. Cockerill | November 2, 2013

Picoblog Picks #2: Nolan Chart Model

Picoblog Picks #2: Nolan Chart Model – A Summary of the Political Definitions

Traditional model:  Liberals (left-wing) – Centrists – Conservatives (right-wing)

Note: This model does not include Libertarians or Totalitarians

Nolan chart model:

Libertarians:  fewer personal regulations + fewer economic regulations

Liberals:  fewer personal regulations + more economic regulations

Conservatives:  more personal regulations + fewer economic regulations

Centrists:  moderate personal regulations + moderate economic regulations

Totalitarians:  more personal regulations + more economic regulations


  1. I always figure a centrist is someone with no strong beliefs who stands in the middle of the road in danger of being run over from both directions.

    • Too cute, David. In the Nolan Chart Model, there are actually three types of centrists.

      1. High-freedom centrists – the libertarians (philosophy, not political party)
      2. Low-freedom centrists – the totalitarians
      3. Center-freedom centrists – the centrists who prefer everything to be in moderation and balanced

      Cheers, Ashley

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