Posted by: A. C. Cockerill | December 11, 2013

Rescue Word of the Week #28 – 2013: Patience

The rescue word of the week is patience.

Please help save this word from the endangered-word list by adopting it and using it in your thoughts, your speech, your writing, and your deeds.

What does this word mean to you?

My two cents (but please share yours):

Our patience is tested most at this time of year. With two weeks to go until Christmas, each day dawdles along minute by endless minute.  And the longest hours of all are those between bedtime on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. The rest of the year zooms by at warp speed.


  1. When I lived in Spain my nickname was “Paciencia” so this word has a lot of meaning for me. If only people would slow down, take care of their words, and listen to others, the world would be a better place.

    • That is so true, Patti, and Spain must have been absolutely fascinating. Cheers, Ashley

  2. I use this word often in prayer!

    • A wonderful practice, Christy. Cheers, Ashley

  3. When I need some patience, the refrain, “Patience, just a little patience, yeah, some more patience, yeah, . . . .” by Guns-n-Roses runs through my head.

    • Sounds like a very good song, Julie. I’ll have to listen for it on the radio. Cheers, Ashley

  4. As parent to a teenager with autism, I’ve had to learn patience. He has taught me so much and made me a better person.

    • I will keep you and your family in my prayers, Jolyse, and hope your challenges also bring you and your family joy. Ashley

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