Posted by: A. C. Cockerill | February 8, 2014

Something to Think About #4 – 2014

Something to Think About#4 – 2014

To what extent should space be explored by humans? To what extent should it be explored by androids and robots?

My two cents (but please share yours):

Most of the early exploration can be done by robots and androids (humanoid robots), but ultimately, humans need to set foot on foreign planets and moons. The human spirit needs to explore, to expand our horizons.


  1. The computers and robots only do what they are programmed to do…though I hear they are approaching self awareness…a spooky thought. It is still man who needs to go new places and explore. Some are meant to stay, some are meant to move on and out. It’s our nature.

    • I agree about it being our nature, Kay. Self awareness is coming but will emerge in stages. Teaching an android to think is proving to be a lengthy challenge–possibly set for the latter part of this century.

  2. Robots first then humanoids

  3. Not sure human exploration of other planets is feasible, due to time and distance as well as hostile environments. We’d probably melt on Mercury and freeze solid on Saturn, for instance.

    • Mars is the most likely the first planet we’ll visit, David. Cheers, Ashley

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