Posted by: A. C. Cockerill | March 14, 2014

How Do We Fix This? Week #1 – 2014

How Do We Fix This?  Week #1– 2014

How do we create new jobs?

My two cents (but please share yours):

Small businesses account for about 70% of the jobs in this country. These companies can create new jobs whenever profits are generated. The two biggest barriers to generating profits are excess government regulations (expenses) and some of the highest taxes in the world (expenses).

We can stimulate the job market simply by doing the following.

  • Lowering taxes on small businesses to levels that are competitive with Canadian, Asian, and Latin American taxes
  • Drastically cutting government regulations–instead of adding thousands of new regulations annually


  1. I completely agree with your answers, Ashley, as far as they go. We need to change the “entitlement” mentality that is suffocating our nation and begin to wean Americans from all manner of welfare and extended unemployment benefits so the people who operate businesses and the employees who work for them won’t have such a load of dead wood to carry.

    • Hi again, David, You’re right about needing to fix the “entitlement mentality,” but I’m not sure how to go about addressing that part. Cheers, Ashley

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