Posted by: A. C. Cockerill | April 11, 2014

How Do We Fix This? Post #3 – 2014

How Do We Fix This?  Post #3– 2014

How do we address the climate-change issue?

My two cents (but please share yours):

First, we need to collect, analyze, and publish unbiased temperature data, going back at least 450,000 years. So much of the currently available data has been tainted by political agendas (bias) or, in some cases, outright doctored. Biased and doctored data must never be used for scientific purposes or for making decisions.

Second, we should hold off on crisis management until unbiased data is collected that actually indicates a crisis exists.

Third, we should separate good stewardship of the earth from climate-change crisis management. Best stewardship practices such as recycling are well understood and established.


  1. I agree. Treating the land with respect would help, too. Actually, learning to want to treat the land with respect.

  2. Not your two cents worth. Your opinion here is of great value. Well reasoned. Thanks for this post. I reposted it on Facebook.

    • Thank you very much, David. And thank you so much for the repost on FB. Cheers, Ashley

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