Posted by: A. C. Cockerill | April 24, 2014

How Do We Fix This? Post #4 – 2014

How Do We Fix This?  Post #4– 2014

How can we market novels we’ve written without eating up too much time and money?

My two cents (but please share yours):

I like to use social media with some constraints.

  • Keep the hours spent blogging and on social media sites below four hours per week
  • Spend 99% of that time being friends, exchanging cool ideas, useful information
  • Spend no more than 1% of the time promoting your novels, or anything else for that matter
  • Use picoblogs, short enough to easily read on smartphones
  • Post three times per week, even if you occasionally publish all on one day to clear the decks for writing
  • Stick with what’s interesting to you
  • Have fun with your friends



  1. Sounds good to me.

    • Thank you so much, Gerri. Any tips you’d like to add? Cheers, Ashley

  2. Great advice. Thanks!

    • You’re very welcome, Beth. Cheers, Ashley

  3. I’d add, “Go to DFWCon and meet Ashley Cockerill.”

    • Thank you so much, David. Looking forward to meeting you there. Cheers, Ashley

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