Posted by: A. C. Cockerill | July 28, 2014

Question of the Week #34 – 2014

Question of the Week #34 – 2014

What is the difference between drones, micro drones, and smartdust?

My two cents (but please share yours):

The difference is the size and, to a certain extent, the surveillance capabilities.


  1. Say what?

    • Hi David, We’re all familiar with drones from seeing them on the news. They are large enough to carry not only weapons but also sensors and cameras–all rather stealthy. Micro drones, much smaller drones, are starting to appear in high-tech gadgets catalogs. With their cameras and sensors, they are very useful but also pose a threat to our privacy, perhaps even our safety. Smartdust is a collection of drones that are so small they resemble a cloud of floating dust. They, too, are highly useful but can pose a threat to our privacy. We need to be aware of these devices, be aware of their enormous benefits, and be aware that they can be used to violate our constitutional rights. Cheers, Ashley

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