Posted by: A. C. Cockerill | September 9, 2014

Question of the Week #42 – 2014

Question of the Week #42 – 2014

What is the biggest misconception about religion?

My two cents, but please share yours:

I suspect that it’s not a religion’s particular set of guidelines that causes a problem. It’s the political group that steals and twists those guidelines into rules for the purpose of control that needs to be examined and addressed.



  1. I can’t believe we’re already into week 42.
    I think the greatest misconception about religion is some people believe their religion must be more ‘special’ than anyone else’s. And, of course, more correct

    • Actually, I think it’s week 37, Mona. I threw in a few extra question picoblogs. I’ll try to fix the title for 2015. :-} Cheers, Ashley

  2. Religion is man’s attempt to appease a diety and thereby gain heaven, nirvana, or whatever. Christianity, on the other hand, is God’s free grace, inviting any who will except Jesus as savior to enjoy eternal life with Him.

    • I’ll have to give your answer some thought, David. I always considered Christianity to be a religion. Cheers, Ashley

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