Posted by: A. C. Cockerill | December 26, 2014

Superfood of the Week – The Forgotten Superfood

Superfood of the Week – The Forgotten Superfood

What is your favorite recipe that uses this food?

My two cents, but please share yours:

I saved the most essential and often forgotten superfood for the last post in this foodie series (there will be a new foodie series for 2015). Water. Take 1-2c of sliced lemon, lime, or cucumber, or fresh mint with the stems trimmed, and add to 2qt of cool water. Place in the refrigerator overnight to cold steep. Then sip all day, and enjoy.


  1. now how the heck did I miss this series? Absolutely water. I start my day with water, first the cup left out overnight (and since my house is kept cool, it’s a great way to wet down my mouth) The Keurig is turned on and I have several mugs of hot water, one of them with vinegar. Yeah yuck! Then I start my coffee.
    One of the superfoods I’ve recently discovered is cabbage. Grated, friend, steamed, or best added to broth, very fine. Mmmmmm.
    Low carb means I don’t eat bread or pasta or … it doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy my food!

    • Hi Mona, You can find any posting you missed in this series by checking in the categories (right side of this website) under Superfood of the Week. Cabbage is a wonderful superfood. After you steam it, you can use it as a wrap instead of raviolis or tortillas or eggroll wrappers. Cheers, Ashley

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