Posted by: A. C. Cockerill | January 6, 2015

Picoblog Question – 2015 – Post #1

Picoblog Question – 2015 – Post #1

What was the first book you read or are currently reading in 2015?

My two cents, but please share yours:

I’m currently reading The Gods of Guilt by Michael Connelly for my neighborhood book club. What are you reading?


  1. The first book I read (started in December, finished the re-read in January) was “Predictably Irrational” by Dan Ariely.

    What am I reading now? Second reading of “Bourgeois Dignity” by Deirdre N. McCloskey. After this I plan to go back and re-read the first volume, “The Bourgeois Virtues”. It’s going to take a few readings for all this to sink in. Each volume is more than 500 pages – full of complex material. I think she plans six volumes altogether….

    • Hi Aunt Mary, Great to see you here! I love your practice of rereading books to pick up more of the content. These two authors are new to me, so I’ll need to check out their author pages. Cheers, Ashley


    • Origami is a lovely hobby, Elizabeth! Hope you find some great books on this topic. Cheers, Ashley

  3. I’ve made a vow to clear out my waiting bookshelves, and I’ve had Darynda Jones’s First Grave on the Right there too long! I’m on page 73 and loving it!

    • Darynda Jones’s “First Grave on the Right” is certainly a fun read, filled with fresh writing, CJ. Great luck with your vow! Cheers, Ashley

  4. Red Rising by Pierce Brown, with Golden Son on deck. One of the ‘books teens are reading’…a dystopia novel, of which there seem to be many these days. I find it interesting to keep up with what the teens are finding out about society via novels.

    • Hi Kay, In your dystopia book, what are teens currently learning about society? Cheers, Ashley

  5. The Rich are Different, by Susan Howatch. I’m rediscovering her after all these years!

    • Hi Angelyn, I wasn’t familiar with Susan Howatch, so I checked out her stories’ Amazon book descriptions. Many of the plots seem to take unusual angles–may have to give one of her stories a try. Cheers, Ashley

  6. One of Lee Childs Jack Reacher books.

    • My neighborhood book club read his first Jack Reacher story in 2014. Everyone loved it and will likely read more in this series. Cheers, Ashley

  7. The Unveiling by Tamara Leigh. It was good! 🙂

    • Hi Gerri, I gather from Amazon that this story is a medieval romance (12th c. England)–love this time period. Have you ever tried Monica McCarty’s Highland Guard series, set in Scotland around 1300 A.D.? Cheers, Ashley

  8. I read and enjoyed Still Life with Breadcrumbs by Anna Quindlen

    • Thank you, Jackie. I looked this book up on Amazon, and it sounds like a wonderful book club read. Cheers, Ashley

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