Posted by: A. C. Cockerill | January 8, 2015

Foodie Corner – 2015 – Post #1 – Yogurt

My motto used to be “If it didn’t get done in the microwave, it didn’t get done.” I’ve since learned to use my electric oven and its four-burner cooktop. But …

Foodie Corner – 2015 – Post #1 – Yogurt

What is your favorite recipe that uses this food?

My two cents, but please share yours:

Plain, nonfat yogurt (Greek) has become the base of most of my creamy sauces and dressings. For an easy dill dressing, take 1/2c yogurt, a splash of lemon (or lime) juice, 1-2t onion powder, 2-3T chopped fresh dill, and beat these in a bowl until fully combined and smooth. Spoon over your favorite salad veggies or fish tacos. Enjoy.



  1. My wife takes yogurt in her lunches when she teaches adult education, but I never touch the stuff myself.

    • It’s a great, healthy substitute for sour cream, David. And it mixes well with fruit, too. 🙂 Cheers, Ashley

  2. I love yogurt with cereal and fruit instead of milk. Makes breakfast almost seem like a dessert. 🙂

    • And you can add all kinds of ingredients (like honey or cocoa powder) to the yogurt just before you add it to the cereal and fruit, CJ. Lots to play with there! Cheers, Ashley

  3. I use flavored yogurt in sweet breads instead of sour cream. For instance, lemon yogurt makes my Lemon Poppy Seed bread really lemony.

    • Ooh, flavored yogurt sounds great, Linda! So many possibilities to play with. Cheers, Ashley

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