Posted by: A. C. Cockerill | March 12, 2015

Foodie Corner – 2015 – Post #4 – Microwave Tamales

My motto used to be “If it didn’t get done in the microwave, it didn’t get done.” I’ve since learned to use my electric oven and its four-burner cooktop. But …

Foodie Corner – 2015 – Post #4 – Microwave Tamales

Can you make tamales in the microwave?

My two cents, but please share yours:

Yes, well, sort of. They will never be as wonderful as homemade, take-all-day-to-prepare tamales.

Take 1c gluten-free corn Maza (flour, not meal, and the gluten-free part is essential) and slowly whisk in 5/8c broth (chicken, beef, or vegetable) until smooth and stiff. Mix in pinches of seasonings such as salt, pepper, onion powder, thyme–whatever you like.

In a microwave-safe dish, take half the tamale dough and form 3 flat disks that will be the bases for 3 tamales. Spoon in the centers any desired filling, leaving a half inch around the edges open for sealing. Use the other half of the tamale dough to form 3 top disks, cover each tamale, and pinch to seal the filling inside.

Cover the microwave dish and nuke for 5 minutes. Check for desired firmness. If needed, nuke for 30 seconds and check again. Repeat until the tamales are done. Allow the tamales to cool for a few minutes and serve with any desired sauce.



  1. Not in my microwave. I don’t want them in my house.

    • Leaves more for the rest of us, David. 🙂 Cheers, Ashley

      • Enjoy, Ashley.

      • Thank you, David. 🙂 Cheers, Ashley

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