Posted by: A. C. Cockerill | July 16, 2015

Foodie Corner – 2015 – Post #8 – Summer Cravings

My motto used to be “If it didn’t get done in the microwave, it didn’t get done.” I’ve since learned to use my electric oven and its four-burner cooktop. But …

Foodie Corner – 2015 – Post #8 – Summer Cravings

What are you craving this summer?

My two cents, but please share yours:

Cravings get to be weird. This month, I’ve been longing for shrimp summer rolls with peanut sauce, the ones that are chilled not fried.


  1. Fresh cucumbers from my garden! Of course, my cucumber seeds didn’t sprout… 😦

    • Oh no, CJ! Sending extra hugs. Cheers, Ashley

  2. My cucumbers (last year’s seed) did come up. I have enough now to make both Wilted Cucumbers and Cold Cucumber Soup. 🙂 These help define “summer” for me, but the primary definer is Tomato Sandwiches.

    • All of those dishes sound refreshing and yummy, Aunt Mary. I’m also a fan of cucumber sandwiches made with softened butter, all nicely chilled of course. Cheers, Ashley

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