Posted by: A. C. Cockerill | December 9, 2015

Techie Corner – 2015 – Post #19 – Peer-Reviewed Articles

Techie Corner – 2015 – Post #19 – Peer-Reviewed Articles

Can peer-reviewed scientific articles still be trusted?

My two cents, but please share yours:


  • If the scientific topic is free from any political agenda or controversy, it can probably be trusted. Its data may be used in making decisions.
  • If, however, there exists even the slightest political agenda, the answer is “Absolutely Not!”

Peer-reviewed articles that oppose politically correct narratives are currently being screened out on a regular basis. Editors for some journals are claiming various scientific topics as “settled.” These so-called editors are wrong. No scientific topic is ever “settled.” Real scientists not only welcome but even encourage criticism and opposing arguments. Real science editors never screen out opposing points of view.

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