Posted by: A. C. Cockerill | January 22, 2016

Picoblog Question – 2016 – Post #5

Picoblog Question – 2016 – Post #5

Is the Feminist Movement changing in the 21st century?

My two cents, but please share yours:

Definitely. Yes!

In light of the recent attacks in Cologne, Germany and the rise in human trafficking worldwide, the Feminist Movement’s goals are shifting, focusing on the rights of women to be free from slavery, sexual predators, and murder.

What is different this time is that women are recognizing they are not the only group in danger. Now men are often being kidnapped and attacked as well. This new movement is, finally, beginning to encourage women and men to look after and protect each other, a welcome change from the ancient “War of the Sexes.” 



  1. I’m all for the changes you mentioned, Ashley, but hopefully feminists will begin recognizing and emphasizing their God-given uniqueness and quit trying to compete with men in areas of men’s God-given uniqueness. Women are neither more nor less than men. They are neither to be used and debased nor put on pedestals and worshiped.

    We should all recognize and celebrate our differences.

    And God bless you, Ashley.

    • Thank you so much, David. God bless you, too. And I agree. We should “recognize and celebrate our differences.” Cheers, Ashley

  2. Interesting view of the movement. I think the movement has changed over the decades, but the original fight is far from won. I believe that Feminism is not something that should be practiced by women only, but a philosophy that allows women parity to their male counterparts in all things. However, Feminism without women at the core, is humanism, or something like that, which is a different thing. Focusing on the rights of women and girls is critical. Men are in need of consciousness raising and other protections too, but that is not the point of Feminism. Just my 2 cents – Lorian

    • So true, Lorian. We only need to look at the Middle East to know the original fight isn’t over. If women and men can work together, help each other, it may all improve more quickly. Cheers, Ashley

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