Posted by: A. C. Cockerill | September 22, 2016

Tips for the 21st Century – 2016 – Post #4

Tips for the 21st Century – 2016 – Post #4

What should you still be doing in this high-tech age?

My two cents, but please share yours:

Always get hardcopies of every important document you have, and keep these in a file. Because, sooner or later, there will be a power glitch. The grid will go down. And your important online information will vanish.


  1. I have to wonder at the people who advise “scan all important and family papers and photographs, dispose of the hard copies because electronic takes up less space”. They must be living where the power is *always on*, and I live where the power is *often off*. 😉

    Formats change. What about bit-rot? When will the cloud you upload things to be hacked – or simply disappear?

    • So true, Aunt Mary! And, it’s only a matter of time until an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) wipes out a big chunk of stored data–not if, but when. Cheers, Ashley

      • So you have read “One Second After”? 🙂 I’m pretty sure we mentioned it before but I forget what we said…

      • Can’t remember either, Aunt Mary–been feeling my “middle-some” age. 🙂 But technologies all have learning curves, and they have to be expected, planned for. Cheers, Ashley

  2. That’s exactly how I feel about paperless books—especially anything to do with history.

    • I agree, Julie! Any book I intend read again, I buy in paperback or hardback. I know technology. It is Murphy’s favorite playground! (Murphy’s Law)Cheers, Ashley

  3. What should I still be doing? Wondering what the hell is going on. I understand very little of this high-tech stuff.

    • Don’t lose your low-tech knowledge and practices, David. On rare occasions, you and those around you will need that knowledge and those practices. For me, keeping paper backup copies of all important documents and manuscripts is a low-tech practice that I continue, even though I’m a high-techie girl. Sooner or later, the electrical grid will crash. New technologies always fail. Other low-tech-practice examples are canning foods, root cellars for preserving foods, and understanding how to purify water the old-fashioned way. Please be sure to share on your blog any of that sort of knowledge you have. The next generation is going to need it. Cheers, Ashley

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