Posted by: A. C. Cockerill | June 21, 2017

Rise of the Layoff Generation – Post #3

Rise of the Layoff Generation – Post #3

What will enable the Layoff Generation?

My two cents, but please share yours:

The Layoff Generation, ages forty-five to sixty-five in 2017, experienced the negative forces of layoffs, economic downturns, inflation (food, clothing, etc.), and skyrocketing healthcare premiums and deductibles. Many in this generation have been left unable to bridge to retirement. They must now seek income streams to correct their financial gaps.

What individuals in the Layoff Generation have going for them, as they return to the job market, are the following.

  • Strong work ethic
  • No unrealistic feelings of entitlement
  • More rigorous technical skills (post “New Math” era & pre “Common Core” era)
  • Strong self-motivation skills (developed the hard way)
  • Strong entrepreneurial and small-business skills (also due to being laid off)
  • Great cost-cutting skills (had to learn to be frugal, live within a tight budget)
  • Broad-ranging experience (more mental scaffolding on which to hang new information, less “reinventing the wheel”)
  • Patience (less knee-jerk reacting, more even pacing)
  • Renewed emphasis in the country on “Hire American and Buy American”

In other words, folks in the Layoff Generation may not be as energetic as they used to be, but they are once again competitive in the workplace. And they are highly motivated by that basic need called income.

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