Posted by: A. C. Cockerill | July 17, 2017

Rise of the Layoff Generation – Post #4

Rise of the Layoff Generation – Post #4

What is the first step for an individual returning to the workforce?

My two cents, but please share yours:

The Layoff Generation, ages forty-five to sixty-five in 2017, experienced the negative forces of layoffs, economic downturns, inflation (food, clothing, etc.), and skyrocketing healthcare premiums and deductibles. Many in this generation have been left unable to bridge to retirement. They must now seek income streams to correct their financial gaps.

In order to return to the workforce, members of the Layoff Generation will first need to refresh and retrain themselves affordably, placing a particular emphasis on technology and writing skills.

Whether one is refreshing algebra or learning a new computer language (such as R), which didn’t exist a decade or two ago, there are still many free and inexpensive options available. The following list should help with getting started.

  • Shaun’s Outlines (used book stores) – These are best, since they include solved problems and supplementary problems with answers to practice on.
  • For Dummies books – Request a retired teacher or technologist to help you generate practice problems and answers.
  • Old high school and college textbooks (in an attic or from a used bookstore)
  • Khan Academy (online courses)
  • Free online courses sponsored by colleges and universities
  • Online classes given by associations in various fields (such as Romance Writers of America and Lawson’s Writers Academy for writers)

When retraining oneself, it is important to track down a friend or neighbor, who has recently retired from teaching. We all get stuck from time to time and need advice.

Soon, more options will become available as demand for continuing education and retraining grows.


  1. Beyond the upper age of the group, but still maintain my RN license and keep up with continuing ed requirements…just in case. There’s always a need for a night nurse.

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