Posted by: A. C. Cockerill | October 7, 2017

Rise of the Layoff Generation – Post #7

Rise of the Layoff Generation – Post #7

Are there any final thoughts for this Layoff Generation picoblog series?

My two cents, but please share yours:

The Layoff Generation, ages forty-five to sixty-five in 2017, experienced the negative forces of layoffs, economic downturns, inflation (food, clothing, etc.), and skyrocketing healthcare premiums and deductibles. Many in this generation have been left unable to bridge to retirement. They must now seek income streams to correct their financial gaps.

Here are a few final thoughts.

  1. Individuals who’ve refreshed the basics and studied a bit beyond are competitive. They have something highly valuable to offer, are not looking for charity, and have earned the right to approach each prospective employer with polite confidence.
  2. The most valuable skill in the next ten years will be the ability to write code in a few different computer languages.
  3. Set retirement ages are about to be obsolete. No one should retire until they’re prepared and wish to.
  4. Optimism, cheerfulness, and a sense of abundance make a job seeker at any age shine.

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