Posted by: A. C. Cockerill | February 2, 2018

Writer’s Corner – 2018 – Post #1

Writer’s Corner – 2018 – Post #1

What are the next big trends in story writing?

My two cents, but please share yours:

Writing trends often come in the form of pendulums swinging from one maximum to the next. And new trends can be detected when readers declare old trends to be boring. Some old trends that have recently been referred to as boring include the following.

  • Stories with gratuitous sex
  • Stories with gratuitous violence
  • Stories with gratuitous character rudeness and crude behavior
  • Stories with gratuitous political comments and author’s own political bias
  • Stories that play fast and loose with historical facts and the truth
  • Stories that preach against patriotism, religion, or seeking money

Some new trends include the following.

  • Sex scenes only when essential for the plot and not too explicit (therefore boring and easy to skim or skip)
  • Keeping violence offstage (cozy mystery comeback?)
  • Eliminating politics (except for political thrillers, of course)
  • Increasing the quality of stories by going deep into research, striving to make each detail factually accurate (or providing detailed author notes at the end of the story, clarifying truth versus fiction)
  • Characters with good manners, who treat fellow characters with truth, decency, and respect (fresh writing)
  • Characters who gain wealth by noble, decent means (fresh writing and fun to read)

I suspect my own critique partner is now sharpening her red pencil.


  1. It’s always hard to keep up with writing trends – as soon as one’s evident, it’s already obsolete. It’s true in non-fiction, too, though maybe the rate of change is a bit slower in that field. I can’t help thinking that they originate organically as a social function of writing/reading communities, and a few lucky authors end up cresting the wave while others rush to follow.

    • So true, Matthew. The only way I’ve found to predict is to listen to what other readers say, especially when they use the word “boring.” Cheers, Ashley

  2. I know there are authors I no longer read, & that started years ago when I became disgusted with gratuitous violent passages. I don’t need a horror movie playing on my eyelids when I’m trying to sleep, thank you very much. 😉

    • I completely agree, Aunt Mary! 🙂 Cheers, Ashley

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