Posted by: A. C. Cockerill | August 3, 2018

Foodie Corner – 2018 – Post #4 – Microwave Pasta Casseroles

Foodie Corner – 2018 – Post #4 – Microwave Pasta Casseroles

How do you make pasta casseroles in summer without using an oven?

My two cents, but please share yours:

It turns out that pasta dishes can often be made in the microwave. And the following recipe also works for rice instead of pasta.

In a microwave-safe casserole dish, add two-four servings of uncooked pasta (spaghetti, fettucine, macaroni, etc.). Also add enough broth (chicken, beef, vegetable, lightly salted water, or any mixture of broth and fruit juice or wine) so that the liquid not only covers, but also has 3/4 inch of liquid above the pasta. Nuke uncovered for six minutes and check. Keep adding microwaving time in two-minute increments (still uncovered) until the liquid is fully absorbed, but the pasta is still moist.

Next add your preferred precooked (and pre-thawed) meats and/or veggies until the volume equals the volume of the pasta. Then drench all of the ingredients in the sauce of your choice (spaghetti sauce, alfredo sauce, pesto sauce, salad dressing, vodka sauce – anything from a jar). Mix thoroughly, and nuke covered for three-five minutes until all are warmed through. Finally, add the 1/4 inch topping of your choice (shredded cheese, crumbled potato chips, chopped nuts, etc.) and nuke covered for an additional two minutes. Serve warm and enjoy.


  1. I don’t. I just make pasta salads. 🙂 But you’ve got some good ideas there I might try.

    • Thank you, Aunt Mary. Pasta salad sounds like a great idea for a hot summer day. 🙂 Cheers, Ashley

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