Posted by: A. C. Cockerill | July 5, 2019

The Abundance Frontier – 2019 – Post #8

The Abundance Frontier – 2019 – Post #8

How do we make self-protection abundant?

My two cents, but please share yours:

Now that AI/robotics/automation and populism have arrived, what will be the next revolution? The next revolution may in fact be the Abundance Frontier, and it promises to be a near-future-technology Wild West, pioneer spirit included.

The challenge will be to make each of the economic necessities of life so abundant they become virtually free. Here’s a starter list for these necessities.

  • Air √
  • Water √
  • Food √
  • Shelter √
  • Clothing √
  • Transportation √
  • Self-protection
  • Energy
  • Healthcare
  • Life experiences

Four technologies, among many, will help make self-protection abundant, and most exist or are in development today.

The first technology includes smart homes, which already include advanced security-alert systems, smart doorbells with cameras, and monitoring by homeowners on their smartphones and by emergency responders. These homes’ capabilities will increase as AI expands, and will likely add built-in robotic package-protection vaults to thwart porch pirates.

The second includes self-driving cars, which will eventually be able to anticipate attacks and take evasive maneuvers to protect their occupants.

The third includes the new selection of strong materials, many based on graphene (roughly one hundred times stronger than steel). Over time, glass, roofing, and wall materials will all be weatherproof, bulletproof, and home-invader-proof.

The fourth will include bodyguard androids (humanoid robots) and guard robots (often designed to behave like guard dogs, tigers, and other animals). These devices will use machine learning and be customized to make those they protect comfortable.

Finally, as more people shift into jobs that allow them to work from home, as more people do their shopping online and have their purchases 3-D printed on their desktops or drone-delivered to their homes, these folks will stay at home, where they will be increasingly safe and sound.

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