Posted by: A. C. Cockerill | October 23, 2019

Foodie Corner – 2019 – Post #7 – Thanksgiving Bowls Revisited

Foodie Corner – 2019 – Post #7 – Thanksgiving Bowls Revisited

How do you make Thanksgiving Bowls?

My two cents, but please share yours:

Thanksgiving Bowls

Step 1: In a single-serving. microwave-safe bowl, line the bottom with either thin slices of turkey or, if you’re a vegetarian, a thin layer of precooked and partially mashed black beans.

Step 2: Build the next layer with chopped celery, precooked and sliced mushrooms, and precooked diced onions.

Step 3: For the third layer, sprinkle a thick blanket of herb stuffing (straight from the bag).

Step 4: Dot the top layer with bits of butter, and saturate the stuffing with chicken, turkey or vegetable broth. The stuffing bits should not be swimming in broth, just drenched.

Step 5: Microwave the bowl, uncovered, for 6 minutes and check for fluffiness. Add a little more nuke time as needed. Serve piping hot. Thanksgiving Bowls are not just for Thanksgiving. Enjoy them often throughout this fall and winter.

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