Posted by: A. C. Cockerill | January 23, 2020

Writer’s Corner – 2020 – Post #1

Writer’s Corner – 2020 – Post #1

How do head knowledge, gut knowledge, and fingertip knowledge apply to writers?

My two cents, but please share yours:

  • Head knowledge:
    – acquired instantly, or within a few days, through observation, the five senses, classes, how-to videos, blogs, etc.
    – particularly useful to writers doing research
  • Gut knowledge:
    – head knowledge processed (about six months) for how it relates to other knowledge we possess and for why it may or may not be important
    – helpful to writers creating introductory, light, or summary pieces
  • Fingertip knowledge:
    – gut knowledge internalized (roughly twenty years) until it instinctively shoots our fingertips and onto the page
    – typically acquired through apprenticeships and/or practice, practice, practice
    – necessary for writers to develop into master storytellers

What are your thoughts on this topic?



  1. I think what you say is absolutely right. The way we assimilate and digest knowledge and wrap it in wisdom is time-consuming; and it’s not until we make a field (such as writing) part of our essential selves that expertise really flows.True of any field, I guess; but I can speak only for writing!

    • So true about expertise flowing, Matthew! Cheers, Ashley

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