Posted by: A. C. Cockerill | February 5, 2020

The Abundance Frontier – 2020 – Post #10

The Abundance Frontier – 2020 – Post #10

How do we make healthcare abundant?

My two cents, but please share yours:

Now that AI/robotics/automation and populism have arrived, what will be the next revolution? The next revolution may in fact be the Abundance Frontier, and it promises to be a near-future-technology Wild West, pioneer spirit included.

The challenge will be to make each of the economic necessities of life so abundant they become virtually free. Here’s a starter list for these necessities.

  • Air √
  • Water √
  • Food √
  • Shelter √
  • Clothing √
  • Transportation √
  • Self-protection √
  • Energy √
  • Healthcare
  • Life experiences

We hear a great deal about the advances in medicine that will improve all our lives, but how do these emerging technologies reach billions of people around the world?

One technology that will facilitate this is robotics, and it is being used even today. Increasingly, surgeries are performed remotely, the surgeon in one location, the patient halfway around the world. Medical supplies are being transported to hard-to-reach areas by multi-legged robots that can go where humans cannot. Soon, robots and androids will provide basic medical care that can be scripted (and coded) or can be driven remotely by doctors and nurses.

AI is another enabling technology that allows lab tests to be taken by handheld devices, with the data analyzed by doctors in other countries, or performs full diagnoses without humans at all.

And then there’s always my favorite–smart toilets. These clever facilities collect lab samples every time they are used. Results are submitted regularly, and doctors monitor and contact patients as the need arises.


  1. Yes we have greater knowledge of medicine and illness. The drawback is the expense of development and spreading the knowledge…this takes people, people, people. Very few people are Mother Theresa…most want a good job and good pay. Who pays is the big question. Imposing a common standard means regression toward the mean…some would get more and some less to make all equal.

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