1. Love the fun facts!

  2. Ashley,
    You need to contact Sci-Tech Discovery Center (www.mindstretchingfun.org) and let them know about your site. Great to see you again.

    • Thank you again, Maura. Great chatting with you at lunch yesterday. Cheers, Ashley

  3. Hi Ashley, just wanted to say thanks for liking my post today and subscribing to the 7 Scribes blog. Are you a member of the RWA? Just curious if you’re part of the FF&P group. There are quite a few romance/sci-fi authors. And I love your cat!

    • Hi Casey, You’re very welcome. I am a member of both RWA and FF&P. And thank you for complimenting my kitty. I have a soft spot for cute and furry animals, especially babies. Cheers, Ashley

  4. Hi Ashley,

    Thank you for liking the Blog Hop. And for being so supportive. I totally appreciate it!

    • Hi Casey, You’re very welcome. Cheers, Ashley

  5. Hi Ashley! Just wanted to stop by, catch up on your posts and say “Thank You” for always coming to my place, reading and liking my posts. It’s like having a pal in the background you know you can count on. Wishing you a wonderful holiday!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words, Marcia. I love stopping by and reading your posts. Have a fabulous holiday, too! Cheers, Ashley

  6. Hello my friend,
    I like your writing up here. I think if you keep doing what you’re doing now, you will have good future. So keep it up my friend! πŸ™‚
    I have a joyful ride in your blog, and now I’d like to invite you to visit mine. Thank you and have a wonderful day, my friend! πŸ™‚
    Subhan Zein

    • So glad you like this blog, Subhan. And thank you for your invitation. Cheers, Ashley

  7. Just found your blog through The Dream Big Community! Looking forward to browsing your blog some more!! If you want I invite you to follow me blogging journey with me ❀

    Keep on writing beautiful post. BTW your kitty avatar is adorable!

    • Thank you so much, Britt. Cheers, Ashley

      • Thank you very much for the follow! The support means everything<3

      • You’re very welcome, Britt. Cheers, Ashley

  8. Just noticed your interest in nanotechnology. Have you read Crichton’s novel involving the same, “Prey?”

    • Not recently, FCEtier. The novel didn’t exactly help the nanotech field. Also, what is your real name? Cheers, Ashley

  9. Prior to reading “Prey,” I was unaware of the existence of that technology and intrigued by it. I’m a pharmacist and nanotech seems to offer incredible opportunities for healthcare. It’s unfortunate that his book wasn’t viewed as more enlightening. Another of his books, “Micro” seems to have drawn on nanotechnology as well. I find it very interesting to consider the possibilities of nanomachines being used for brain surgery.

    Frank C. Etier aka, “Chip” which I prefer.

    • Welcome, Chip! Please include your name on future comments so other guests to this picoblog will get to know you, too. Also, you may enjoy numerous prior picoblog posts located at Home page (right side) –> Categories –> Nanotechnology. There are lots of goodies there–fun stuff. πŸ™‚ Cheers, Ashley

  10. Thanks, will do!

  11. Thank you for following my blog!

    • And thank you for following this picoblog. πŸ™‚ Please share your name when you catch a moment. Cheers, Ashley

  12. Thank you for following my blog. I look forward to reading yours.

    • Welcome, Jovina. And thank you. πŸ™‚ Cheers, Ashley

  13. Thanks for liking my monthly blog, A Sacramento Valley Kitchen Garden, and for your many posts. Your post today on the qualities of a real scientist hit home for me.

    • You’re very welcome, Chris. So glad you liked the scientist post! Cheers, Ashley

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